TomoAlien has been kicked out of Bon² due to personal matters. -TomoAlien

Uh... yep. That does indeed mean that...
Bon² is dead!
Thanks, and sorry to everyone.


Uploaded the final version of LIMITEO. -TomoAlien


LIMITEO is now up for downloads after being shown at TRSAC 2016! Check it out! -TomoAlien


Designed and implemented new logotypes. -TomoAlien


ZanaGB has been kicked out of Bon² due to personal matters. -TomoAlien


Well, we've got 4th place at DemoSplash 2015 with our rather unusual demo Faux Processing, which well... is a homage to Sega Genesis! Check it out in our releases section! :) -TomoAlien


2nd place. @party 2015. 64k. It's called diztrt. Go take a peek into the Releases section! :) -TomoAlien


Our trust in bunnies has brought luck upon us!
We have received:
Translucent Green Acrylic Stanford Bunny Bon² Tokens - Forged with laser cuts by Starchaser, who gets big thanks and a permanent greeting for this! You are awesome!
Meteoriks Nomination for New Talent category - XAOC has been chosen as one of five productions nominated in this new grand demoscene awards show.

And remember: The month of the bunny comes! Don't get a bunny if you don't know that they require a lot of care to maintain. Stay fluffy! :) -TomoAlien and ZanaGB


In Bunny We Trust


Well, that was fun! We've got our 64k demo called MAR sent in as a remote entry for Demodays 2014! Well, as predicted it did polarize people, but still most people liked it! I'm quite happy how it went, since It's my first time submitting a demo to a compo. Well, couldn't have done it without ZanaGB! Anyways, I'm waiting for the official results. Anyways, have a look at it in the releases section! See you next demo and thanks to the organizers! -TomoAlien


Wow, we didn't expect such a positive response to our first (proper) demo! We're pleasantly shocked to see that our work got received so well. Thank you! -TomoAlien

It has been a long while and lots of effort gone into this demo and seeing it slowly getting into completition. I personally really appreciare all the positive feedback XAOC has been getting. It has been overwhelming. IN A GOOD WAY. You guys rock. Thank you all for the support and upvotes. See you in the next demo! -ZanaGB


New demo released! It's called XAOC and well... Be sure to check it out! :) -TomoAlien


Decided to put some links to Demozoo. It's a really cool site, you should check it out :) -TomoAlien


Shima33 has been kicked out of Bon² due to personal matters. -TomoAlien


Site is up and running! We finally have landed on this spaceship called Internet. This was possible thanks to generosity of the people at Undergrund.net. Lots of thanks for that :) -TomoAlien